Ethical in mind

Posted by Elena Heathwood, Owner, Simply Veg on 12th Oct 2016

We are extremely small when you compare us to the likes of Riverford Organics, or Able and Cole; but our ethics are bigger. We, true to the nature of a seasonal Vegbox company, create handpicked Vegboxes from the best produce that is locally sourced above all else.  I tire so easily at huge marketing campaigns from the giants, who announce asparagus season, only to source it from Spain because it's organic. 

Our company, ran only by myself, and my partner Anthony, prides itself on offering the best produce from Kent and Sussex. We spend months of the year talking to local suppliers, visiting farms, and sniffing out the tastiest produce, even from local allotments! We collect it all ourselves, pack, and deliver it too... There's no huge storage warehouse, or depo, No Arctic lorry transporters. Our produce in the height of summer, only travelling 10's of miles as opposed to hundreds or thousands. We of course service the needs of families who desire produce from further afield, which is why we developed the first 'choose your own vegbox' (allowing customers to choose their own items for a set vegbox price) in additional to our seasonal offerings.

We recycle what we can, reusing produce boxes to pack your orders, (and collecting or topping them up again from our customers houses) cooking the waste vegetables for our young family, or donating it to the local Pig up the road! We are true to the nature of what a small business should be, supporting other local businesses and being part of our community; here in Burwash, East Sussex. We are passionate and love what we do, and we hope you are to!