Camomile - Herbal Tea

Camomile - Herbal Tea

Naturally sweet and very aromatic  our high quality  Camomile flowers originate from the Nile River Delta and  produce a rich, golden cup. Naturally caffeine free and renowned for its many health benefits, this is the perfect camomile to enjoy on its own and one that blends well with the addition of honey,  ginger,  lemon or mint to name but a few.  

  • CAFFEINE: Zero
  • LEAVES: Field Grown 1st Grade ,
  • INGREDIENTS: Luxury Sundried  Camomile Flowers
  • ORIGIN:  Nile River Delta, Egypt
  • GROWN: Approx. up to 1000 ft ASL
  • BREW (a guide not a rule)   100c  5-10 mins

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