Delivery Area & Ordering

Dear all our vegboxers,

Anthony and I have decided the time has come to stop our home delivery services. It has been a very strange past 12 months for us; having experienced extreme growth during the first lockdown, we had to rapidly expand our operations, employing 7 new members of staff, purchasing a new van and equipment to be able to cope to 500% increase in weekly sales. Over the past 8 months we have seen this steadily decline back to normal levels, and as a business, we have had to scale down. Over the past 6 months, we have seen a dramatic rise in new , unregulated home delivery businesses wishing to capitalise on the latest lockdowns, and the increasing movement to online sales. This dual impact has created an even further decline in numbers. The costs for us to sustain a van, and a driver are now out weighing sales, and whilst they usually do drop off during the summer, we feel it’s time after 11 years, to move to a new journey.

For us, our passion is connecting customers with fantastic local food, and with the imminent opening of our second shop , we have decided to focus on our new retail ventures. We want to strive to be the most interesting and versatile green grocers in Kent and Sussex; to create a space for reasonably priced food from the most humble potato, right up to the gourmet offering luxury items like a truffle to glam up your scrambled eggs! I want to continue our mission for a plastic free shop, offering refills for all food and house hold goods, and encouraging and inspiring cooking in everything we sell.

The largest lesson covid taught us, was that people matter. The people in our personal lives matter; for me that’s Anthony having a better work life balance; and for us, watching our children growing up. Our customers matter, and there’s no better connection than physically face to face. We have experienced that in the first lock down, people were panicked and felt relived to talk and purchase food with us. It is time for highstreets to step into a role so vital for mental health, and we feel proud to be part of perhaps an unusual movement away from online, and onto the highstreet - to come back to real life and away from the grips of an online world.

I may in the future set up a zero waste delivery business, but for now the vegboxes have come to an end. We want to thank each and everyone of you for your support over the years. It’s no lie I feel quite sad, but it’s time to look forward. This change is with immediate effect, as we welcome our forth baby next week. We hope that some of you will be able to visit us in our new shops, we have one on battle highstreet, and soon to open one in wadhurst (both with parking nearby!). These shops offer the freshest and finest s groceries, refills (so you can bring your own containers for rice or shampoo etc! Or use our bags provided of course), an extensive, 50 plus cheese and charcuterie counter, classic Italian coffee (nod to Anthony’s heritage throughout!), take away lunches and treats and some good old fashioned chit chat all about food.

Thank you once again for your support over the past 11 years,

Over, but not out,
 Anthony and Ellie and the rest of simply veg team