How does it work? 

You can either order one off orders as often as you like, or set up a recurring order (available online soon. For now we arrange manually by email ellie@simply-veg.co.uk)

Theres a problem with my order

We work with fresh produce, but nature isn't always perfect. Condition can be missed, or change before delivery takes place for a whole host of reasons (Yellowing - often suggests a water issue during the final stages of growth, or signs of a crop coming to the end of a season for example.). We are always subject to waste in our industry, and if something isn't quite right, please email us for a refund (photos always help as we can use this to complain to our supplier, fi the problem is widespread), ellie@simply-veg.co.uk, with the subject line "Refund".

Do I have to do in? 

No- our drivers will leave on the door step, or tucked in the shade on a sunny day. 

When will my order be delivered? 

All our deliveries are conducted by us with our own vans. Your delivery day is set according to your postcode, which always remains the same.  Which day we deliver in your area can be found on our "delivery areas" page. All deliveries are made between 6am - 6pm, so we kindly ask you only contact us after this time if your order has not arrived. The time varies from week to week depending on how many people have ordered, and on which route - we amend our route according to that weeks data.