Soft Cheeses

Burwash Rose

Made by Traditional Cheese Dairy in Stonegate East Sussex, this is a semi soft cheese, washed in rose water from Wadhurst. A lovely creamy cheese with... view details

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Dolcelatte, translates literally as "sweet milk", is a delicious blue veined italian soft cheese, made from Cows milk. 

£3 per 100g 

200g piece. 

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Gorgonzola is a veined Italian cheese made from unskimmed cows milk. It can be buttery or firm, crumbly and quite salty, with a bite from the blue vei... view details

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Morbier is semi soft cows milk cheese of France. It is Ivory coloured, soft and slightly elastic, and immediately recognisable by the distinctive thin... view details

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Raclette is a semi hard cheese, using alpine cow milk, most commonly used from melting. 

£1.90 per 100g


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Taleggio is a semi soft, washed - rind, smear ripened Italian cheese. The cheese has a thin crust and a strong aroma, but its flavour is comparatively... view details

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