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Stonegate Cheese Pack 2

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250g Lord of the Hundreds

Lords is a hard, naturally rinded, complex cheese, fabulously savoury, yet its flavour hints at caramelised hazelnuts, along with fresh grassy notes. 

Milk type: Raw ewes milk from Boydells Dairy

Maturation Period: Eight to ten months

250g Burwash Rose


Burwash Rose is a semi-soft cheese. Washed in English rose water, it’s creamy and sticky,  with wonderfully pungent aroma – the perfect balance of notes, a true melt in the mouth cheese.

Milk type: Free Range raw cows milk from Kingcott Dairy

Maturation Period: 6-8 weeks

250g Olde Sussex

Olde Sussex has an open and bouncy texture. This cheese is wonderfully deep, rich and creamy, with a superb tang. 

Milk type: Free Range raw cows milk from Kingcott Dairy

Maturation Period: Three to six months