Tonys Chocolonely Chocolate Bar

Tonys Chocolonely Chocolate Bar

180g Bar of Ethical Chocolate! 

Their mission is to make all chocolate 100% slave free. 

No.1 Traceable Beans - Cocoa Beans, used for both cocoa mass and cocoa butter, are fully traceable - which is a unique quality.

No. 2 A higher price - Tonys bridge the gap between the farmgate price the farmer gets and the living income (this is greater than fairtrade price!)

No.3 Strong Farmers - investing in the cooperatives they work with and assist to make them stronger

No.4 The Long Term - Tonys work with farmers for a least 5 years, giving farmers to assurance so they can make long term investments in their farms.

No.5 Improved quality and productivity - Not only does the price of cocoa need to higher, but so does production. With support from cooperatives, farmers can increase their yield, and improve their quality of their crop.  

Read more about Tonys mission here:

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